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Saturday, January 30, 2010

My favorite mom sites

 I decided to go on the search for some great mom sites. Here are some that I found that I hope you can enjoy as well. Feel free to add any that you love in the comment box!

The Mom Blogs - This is a site full of blogs written by moms. You can search for fellow mom bloggers who live in your state or search by category. I love reading new blogs, especially by other moms, and this site is full of them!

Mommie 911 - I just stumbled on this site today and it looks like it is full of everything you could want, all in one place. From craft ideas for the kids, to giveaways, tips for frugal living, book lists for kids and so much more.

Baby Center - This is a social community for moms (and dads). You can join birth clubs, stay at home mom groups, faith based groups, the debate team, etc. Good place to go for advice but mostly pretty entertaining.

Stay a stay at home mom  - This site is full of helpful hints for staying a stay at home mom. Everything from reducing your expenses, to stretching your dollar and even making extra income from home.

Menus for Moms - This site is all about frugal living, gives lots of tips on cutting your grocery bills and has links to other frugal living sites. I especially like their "local grocery deals" section. You put in your zip code and they give you all the grocery stores in your area and the sales they have going. You can even generate your shopping list and it will add up the cost/savings for you.

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