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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Things I learned from my kids today

#1. Something as simple as removing the sink plug from the kids bathroom could have prevented something as major as waking up to a flooded bathroom, hall and linen closet.
#2. Installing child locks on cabinets is not enough, you must make sure said locks are TIGHTLY installed. The slightest wiggle room and they can in fact let little people into places you don't want them.
#3. It is not enough to buy non-chemical cleaners, you also need to make sure you have gotten rid of any stray chemical cleaning bottles.
#4. Leaving the cleaning nozzle on spray may make it convenient for quick future use but it also makes it convenient for curious toddlers to taste said cleaning supplies.

Fortunately, this all sounds much worse than it ended up being. Although in the moment I was dealing with it all it felt pretty massive. I woke up this morning to quiet in my house. Of course to the untrained ear that seems like the perfect way to wake up. But to the mom of 2 and 3 year old boys whom you know have been awake for awhile, this lack of sound is immediately disturbing. I came out of my bedroom to find that my kids were no where in sight, but to hear the bathroom faucet running. Upon approaching the bathroom I see the door is closed. In those next few seconds I became a crazy lady. I open the door to take in the sight of the sink plugged up, full, and flowing onto the floor. I notice that not only is the entire floor covered but water is running down the vent. I see both my boys wading in the water completely soaked and then my eyes land specifically on Jordan. My 2 year old is holding a Lysol bathroom cleaner bottle. I was panicking and yelling and the boys most of known it was serious because they both broke down crying. I started sniffing their mouths and sure enough Jordan smelled like Lysol.

I then quickly called my husband, who had our only working car at work. Luckily he only works 5 minutes away and was home before I knew it. By that time I had the boys in dry clothes. Jeremy acted quickly calling the number on the back of the Lysol bottle only to get the response, "I don't know if it will hurt him, I am not a doctor" from the obviously untrained person on the other line. Hubby then decided it was best to just take him to the urgent care so he packed up Jordan and the cleaning bottle and took off. 12 towels later I had the entire bathroom dried and upon realizing it had gotten into the linen closet and the carpet in the hall, had that taken care of too. Fortunately Jeremy and Jordan were back home within 45 minutes. The nurse practitioner was quite kind and was pretty sure he hadn't ingested much and would be fine. She even called the company herself to complain since they didn't have the information on hand when we called.

Now that it is all said and done I am able to just shake my head about it. But I know we are lucky that there wasn't more damage done, specifically to Jordan. It is crazy because I really thought we had all precautions in place but even that could not deter my kids from finding their way into trouble. I have a feeling this is the beginning of a long road of craziness brought on by my children. Especially since we are expecting our 3rd son in late May/early June. Start praying for this momma now, I have a feeling I am going to need it!

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