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Friday, August 3, 2012

See It, Pin It, Do It - Make Ahead Mixes

For some time now I have given up on buying prepackaged mixes and have just made my own from scratch. Okay, once in awhile I give in if there is a sale/coupon match-up I absolutely can't pass up. But for the most part I have taken to making my own because it truly is more cost-effective and also allows me to control what goes into my family's food. No preservatives here! Now I realize for a lot of people the convenience of the box can be the most appealing part of store bought products and is hard to pass up so I thought I would try some make-ahead mixes I have seen on Pinterest that would combine the convenience of having it all together with the benefit of making it yourself. Win win!

Now I did this on a whim with all items I already had on hand. You could obviously do a lot more with some planning ahead but here is a very basic make-ahead list to get you started. In a little over an hour I was able to make up all of these:
Pictured above are 4 brownie mixes, 2 oatmeal cookie mixes, 2 sugar cookie mixes, 2 pancake mixes and 2 muffin mixes. All of them with instructions for add ins and baking written right on the bag. Easy for those mornings I am in a rush but want to whip up something heartier for breakfast or those afternoons when my husband is feeling snacky and wants to prepare himself some brownies or cookies. Want to copy what I have done? Here is where I found all of my mixes (just click on each to go to find their instructions):

Fake Betty Crocker Brownie Mix from Fake-It Frugal

Fake Betty Crocker Cookie Mix from Fake-It Frugal (will find above pictured sugar and oatmeal cookie mix as well as chocolate chip and gingerbread cookie mix instructions)

Pancake Mix from good (CHEAP) eats

Muffin Mix from good (CHEAP) eats

I didn't get around to making this today, but I am also going to make up this huge batch of Cornbread Mix from Country Mama Cooks:

~picture belongs to Country Momma Cooks~
Let me share with you one final mix that isn't pictured but that I use on a regular basis and love, love, love. This is a recipe for homemade taco seasoning that will make you turn your back on that prepackaged version you would normally buy at the store. Trust me, this has great flavor and if you hit a spice sale, it will be cheap to make at home. I use this on everything from taco meat, to Mexican Meatloaf, to homemade burgers, and a zillion other things.

Homemade Taco Seasoning from $5 Dinners

Happy Mixing!!


  1. Great idea Chrystal! I wonder if it would work well with gluten free mixes, I have so many odds & ends of flours from when I was eating GF that I need to use up, and this would be an easy way.
    I am trying to work on cleaning out my deep freezer so I can defrost it and am struggling to find some variety for ground beef. That is my next challenge. ;)

  2. I think it would work for Gluten Free...depending on the type of flour you would just want to freeze it to make it last longer (I know you need to do this if you use wheat flour).
    Ground beef - Maybe I'll have to scrounge up some recipe ideas for you and do a post on it:)

  3. Thanks for including my Cornbread mix in your post I have a few other recipes your readers might like listed under my Bulk Recipe tab.....have a great weekend : )
    @ CountryMommaCooks

  4. Thanks for sharing Deana!! With 3 hungry boys I will definitely be browsing your bulk recipe tab as well:)

  5. Oh I LOVE this! We are cleaning out our pantry this month, and hoping to start "fresh" when it's gone. This is right up my alley. I'm don't have to give up on brownies because I'm not buying them from a box. ;)

  6. There was a book printed in the 70's called "Make a Mix cookery" it is awesome and has ton's of reciepes that can be made from several mix's. You might be able to find it on amazon or just google it. Karine Eliason & Nevada Harwood are the authors. there was another but she has since passed on.They have about 3 different printings and the newest one I found on amazon for new $3.07 and used $1.08.

  7. That sounds awesome, thanks for sharing!

  8. How long do you think these mixes would last in a vacuum sealed pack? Thanks!

  9. That's a great question...I don't know a lot about vacuum sealing so I am not sure. From what I could find, it sounds like dried goods last 2 to 4 times longer when vacuum sealed if that gives you any idea.


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