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Monday, January 25, 2010

Our weekend in pictures

I have recently started a picture blog (Project 365) that has me posting a picture a day, in hopes that we will have something special to look back on when the year is over. This has been an enjoyable project so far and I find myself carrying my camera more than ever before in hopes of catching something fun for the day. Since I only post one picture a day on my other blog, I thought I would put up some of the other pictures from this weekend.

Jordan being his goofy self and rockin' some Slink Dog head wear:)
 "Look mom, ketchup!"

Nathan on the slide at the crazy because normally in January the park would be covered in snow.

2 of my handsome guys chillin' at the park.

The pose itself looks so loving, but Nathan's face says it all! Jordan was forced to share the seat so he decided to make it as uncomfortable for brother as possible.
Our little incredible Hulk

Not feeling so well today, relaxing with Buddy.
He had to sleep with Buddy too since brother was:)
Brother got harmonicas at Kindermusik so they were serenading us the whole way home.

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