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Friday, November 2, 2012

Lunch Round Up #4

 It's that time again...lunch round up. Actually, I'm a little overdue so you are going to get your money's worth on this one! Here's what has been showing up in the lunchbox the last few weeks:

Salad, applesauce, turkey sandwich on a homemade roll, tootsie roll treats, ranch

Bratwurst, apples, carrots, homemade roll, marshmallow treat

Homemade fried chicken, applesauce, potato casserole, carrot sticks

Leftover pasta grilled cheese, crackers, carrots

bratwurst with ranch dipper, applesauce, fire beans, carrot sticks

apple slices, fire beans, tortilla chips, enchiladas

waffle sandwich with peanut butter and honey, apple sauce, pretzel rods, carrot sticks

Cowboy spaghetti, starburst treat, apple slices, carrot sticks

apple half with peanut butter, crackers, carrot sticks, shepherds pie
homestyle baked fries with ranch dipper, french onion mushroom swiss burger, grapes, celery sticks
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