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Sunday, September 6, 2009

28 Things About Me at 28

1. I have been married 6 ½ years now.
2. My oldest son turned 3 last weekend and my youngest son will be 2 in a month.
3. I have my degree in Education but am blessed to be a stay at home mom.
4. I drink a pot of coffee a day (with almond milk, yum!).
5. I still talk to my mom almost every day when they aren’t with a missions team in Mexico.
6. I love to knit and make my own cards and would love to start scrap booking more.
7. I am thankful to live in a country where I have the freedom to worship my God. I do so proudly at Real Life Ministries in Post Falls, Idaho.
8. I love to cook. I subscribe to three cooking magazines and I try at least 3 new recipes a week.
9. I love to read, mostly chic-lit because it is light and easy and most of the characters make me feel better about myself! I have also started reading a lot more Christian Fiction.
10. When it comes to a date night, I love getting to go out somewhere nice to eat but I am just as happy ordering in sushi, getting a bottle of wine, and renting a movie.
11. I have shamefully fallen of my healthy living plan that I started in January and the weight is slowly creeping back on. This must stop, I REFUSE to keep taking the same weight off over and over again.
12. 28 feels dangerously close to 30... I may have to start freaking out early.
13. I would love to own a home. If only we could decide where home should be.
14. I have become obsessed with cutting and finding coupons. I get a thrill out of seeing how much I can save us.
15. I want to make sure I travel to Greece and Italy one day.
16. I went to Eastern longer than WSU but still feel like way more of a Cougar.
17. I love that my kids love me even though I am a complete goofball most the time. I am soaking that up before they decide I am too dorky:)
18. When my mom was 28, I was 8. I thought she seemed very mom like…old if you will (don’t kill me mom!). I wonder if my kids think that too?
19. I think everyone has the right to their own opinion. I would just like it a lot more if it was the same as mine!
20. I have written in a journal since high school and still have them all. Pretty glad that I left most of the beginning years of college out since I was so stupid then. I wonder if any one will bother to read what I have wrote one day when I am gone? And will they be surprised by the “real” me?
21. I have had cats my entire life but don’t remember a time I have really had to change the litter box.
22. I still haven’t finished my kids baby blankets, that is a must for this year!
23. I am getting wimpier in my old age, I used to love roller coasters and scary movies and they are both starting to appeal to me less and less. Being scared out of my wits no longer creates the thrill it once did.
24. I worry that 10 years from now I won’t have changed some of the stuff I don’t like about myself now.
25. I have had many a best friends but I am pretty positive that the one I have now will still be my best friend 50 years from now.
26. If I could change one thing about myself…I wish I had smaller feet. These jumbo size 10’s have never been practical. All the cutest shoes come in way smaller sizes and I have never been able to share or trade with any of my friends or my mom.
27. I wish I could go back and tell my younger self all that I know now. Maybe if I heard it from myself I would have really listened!
28. I hope that the next 28 years are as much of a blessing as these first 28 years have been.

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