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Monday, September 7, 2009

What a great day!

I am such a lucky girl! My boys were so good to me yesterday and it made for a great birthday. They attempted to let me sleep in, but I think I have become incapable. As soon as I hear them I am just up. But I obliged and stayed in bed awhile. They were sweet enough to make me breakfast and Jeremy took care of the dishes. They sang to me, so cute! Then I got to open my presents. I got a compact bible which I have been wanting so I can have something easier for church. It is leatherbound and came with a carrying case and mini tabs. They also got me a Brandon Heath CD and a game for the Wii. We went out to a nice lunch at Tomato Street and while the kids were down I went shopping at Michaels. The night before we had gotten together with all the inlaws for another birthday and I received several gift cards, plus the money from mom and dad and grandma so in the afternoon we dropped off the kids at gma and papa's and went shopping. I got a great deal at Borders, 6 books for $50! Then to Bath and Body Works which was having an awesome sale so I made a haul there as well. I debated getting shoes, but passed them up for some new clothes, Gossip Girl season 2 (my guilty pleasure!), and Sex in the City the movie. Then Jeremy took me out to Twigs for a great dinner. All in all a great day. I feel so loved and extremely blessed:)

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