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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

One of the joys of motherhood

I remember when I was working at the Montessori preschool before I had kids and one little girl had come to school with a cold. As I was leaning over her to help her with a project she sneezed all over my arm. As I looked at the spray that covered my forearm, I was seriously disqusted! This is just one of the hazards of working with kids but not something I ever thought I would get used to. Then I had kids of my own. Now not only is one kid sneezing on me but usually two at the same time. Sneezes, juicy coughs in my face, snot rubbed on every surface of my clothing. And believe it or not, it barely grosses me out anymore. The only thing that bothers me is that I usually end up sick. It's no wonder really, the amount of sick germs hanging out in my general vicinity is pretty high at any given time. But I always come down with it just as they are getting better and their energy level is amping back up. So fun to hear the squeals of two toddlers when your head is pounding or have to chase them when your chest is restricted. Just another "joy" of motherhood!! That must be why all the good things are SO good...they help you overlook the yucky stuff.

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