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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Crazy Love

When Jeremy got home from work yesterday morning he told me he had been given mandatory overtime on Sunday. ARGHH! I was irritated because we had plans to go to church that morning and because I just wanted him home. Instead of sitting in my anger I just decided to get busy and rearrange our weekend plans to make it work. We are lucky enough to attend a huge church that has 5 services so we decided to attend last night instead. I am so glad we did...I think this was the service we were meant to be at.

Pastor Jim gave his first sermon in the series he titled Crazy Love. He talked about the love that God has for us. The kind of love that is not only willing to die for us but to live for us. To live in the form of Jesus who spent his time on earth as a servant so that we may truly know God's love. Love is so much more than a feeling, it is an action. We should love God back in a way that makes us look crazy to the world. Our worship to Him should be through transforming who we are and how we act in a way that lets Him shine through in all we do. I know that I feel humbled by a love I know I don't deserve but that God will never deny me.

Anyway, not only did the message really speak to me last night, but every other part of the service was moving as well. It was the most charged I had seen the church, lots of amens and clapping during the sermon which I always like because I know people are truly hearing what God is speaking for them. Worship was great as well and as we wrapped up the service with a few more worship songs, the pastor called us to truly worship from our hearts. That if we weren't singing because we were worried about what the people around us thought, our hearts weren't in the right place. After he said that the man behind us sang at a level where we could hear him for the first time all night and he had this amazing voice that just added to the beauty of the song.

I still don't like that Jeremy has to work on Sunday. But I love that God used that to bless us in another way. That was the service we were meant to be at and left to our own plans that wouldn't have happened. God is good in ways we sometimes don't understand and I am greatful to have seen and received His blessing in this instance.

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