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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

We Are Called

Last night Jeremy and I attended a monthly service at our church called Catalyst, it's aimed to young adults 18-29. It was really great worship, the young adult pastor and his wife sing and having just come back from Creation they had some great new songs. They also have a guitarist and a bongo drum player which was cool. Anyway, then Ryan began his message about how powerful our words are. While that was an amazing message that has given me a lot to think about the thing I felt led to talk about today was something quick he mentioned about the church in general. Our church is quite large and so they rely heavily on small groups to keep people connected. They also use that as a way to prepare disciples. They believe that each Christian is called to minister. You may read that and be thinking, "I'm not a pastor. I didn't go to Bible school. I don't want to be a missionary." But that's not what being a minister means. So often the picture of Christianity is one of two extremes. The Bible thumping evangelist who is damning everyone to hell or Joe Sunday who faithfully sits in his pew every Sunday and then goes about his life as usual. What we as Christians are really called to do is to live like Jesus. How did Jesus live his life? He served! He lead people by serving them. And being created in his image that is what we are called to do as well. Now you may be saying, "I don't have time to volunteer. I work too much. My kids are little I can't get out of the house." I don't think serving is always about going out of your way to sign up for activities, or devoting hours on end to a community project, or going to faraway places to find the most in need. Those are all things that definitely need to be done. But for most people, serving really involves your everyday life. How you interact with those around you. How you let Christ shine through all you do and say. I think the best way to get your heart and mind in a place of servitude is to first give yourself to God completely and secondly, surround yourself with opportunity. Don't just make church a Sunday morning event. Make church everyday. Surround yourselves with other Christians who can help strengthen your walk. Use the gifts you've been given to help out. I think the person working in the nursery is as much of a blessing as the pastor because without her, I wouldn't hear the message. What about the people making coffee? I think they are providing a much needed and appreciated service! This carries over to all areas of your life. I just encourage all who read this to pray about areas in your life where you can begin to serve. Keep your eyes open for opportunities you may have missed before. I believe your walk will be so much more fruitful and abundant when you begin to live this way. I know I need to take more action in my life.

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  1. What awesome insights God is giving you as you continue to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. You have captured the awesome call of God in ALL Christian's lives. SERVICE TO OTHERS!!! We are awed and humbled by God's move in your family and pray that the revelation of our living God continues to grow in you and your family.

    Love - Dad and Mom


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