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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Magid Yellow Latex Glove Review

Latex Gloves - not on many women's wish lists this Christmas but definitely one of those items on most our our NEED lists. I know that the one thing I despise cleaning the most is my boys bathroom and something as simple as the barrier of a glove can make all the difference in how long I put it off!

So when I was recently sent a box of these yellow gloves from Magid, I was actually kind of excited. These particular gloves are flock-lined for comfort and have an embossed exterior to provide a superior grip on any wet or dry surface. They are liquid proof which means you not only avoid contact with harsh chemicals, but you are also avoiding getting up close and personal with whatever germs are most likely present in the messes you are cleaning. Finally, they come off and on with ease which I find to be an added bonus when I am trying to quickly tackle a cleaning job and move onto the next thing on my to do list. I was given the medium size and was hesitant that they would fit (I am not exactly what you would call petite;) but they went on really nice without feeling too snug.

Wanting some gloves of your own now? Magid sells these by the dozen for only $10.63. That is perfect for having several pairs to leave around your house, out in the garage, in your trunk, or wherever else you might find yourself in need of some gloves. Don't have a need for that many? Throw them into little gift baskets with some of your favorite cleaning supplies to share with friends or neighbors.  Like I said, this isn't something I would always think to buy for myself but I would be glad to get them and I bet your friends would be too!

I actually don't have a need for a dozen myself so after putting a pair under each of my sinks I still have 9 left over. If you would like a pair of these gloves to make your cleaning projects that much easier and more sanitary, be one of the first 9 people to leave a comment below this post saying you want one (make sure to include your name and email address) and I will get one sent out to you.

**I was sent these gloves by a company that works with Magid Glove & Safety in exchange for my review but any and all opinions are my own.**


  1. I would love a pair of gloves! Thanks - Chelsea

  2. I want one!!


  3. I would love one!

  4. I would love a pair too! alanagrussatgmaildotcom

  5. You KNOW I could use a pair with three boys sharing a bathroom! That is my MOST put off job around here, it seems to get gross so quickly.

  6. Would ADORE a pair!
    Angie F.

  7. Would love one.
    Jessica M.

  8. I would love a pair!!

    Jennifer D.

  9. These sounds awesome!

    Jennifer M.

  10. And that's 9!!! All of you should have or will be receiving an email from me shortly:)


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