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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Stars and Fairies

What a week it has been for our Kindergartner!

Friday when we went to pick him up at school he was beaming as he told us that he had been made Star Student of the week. "They even called my name on the intercom mom!" - He was practically squealing as he was telling us this. What exactly does Star Student of the Week mean? Apparently he gets some really cool jobs like putting the weather up for the day and changing the dates on the calendar and leading the line whenever they leave the classroom. These were all very thrilling prospects to our 5 year old star! He also got to make a poster all about him to share with the class:
At the top left he drew his family - "Mom, you are really big because you are 30!" Thanks for the reminder Bub! Below that he was asked to share 3 wishes to which he replied, "I wish for 2 snakes, I wish for 3 dragons, and I wish for 5 lizards." At the very bottom left he was to share a picture of what he wanted to be when he grow up. We pasted on a lego police station because for the moment he wants to be a policeman when he grows up. On the right hand bottom side is things he doesn't like - bees, tomatoes, and rain. Right in the middle are all the things he does like - robots, candy, meatballs and Leapster games. Add in the typical height, weight, hair color stats and you know all about our star:)

As if that wasn't enough excitement for one week, Nathan also lost his first tooth last night. It has been loose for about two weeks now and two nights ago we noticed a new tooth was growing in behind it so we figured it would be coming out soon. Last night he came up complaining about it moving around a lot and hurting so Jeremy was able to reach right in and pull it right out. Want to know the first thing he said after that? "Can I shoot juice out of my hole now?" Boys!!
That means we had our first visit from the Tooth Fairy last night. She has it easy in this house because we have tooth jars so she didn't have to try to sneak under his pillow. Inflation has really done a number on the going rate of teeth...I remember getting a quarter for my teeth and Nathan got an entire dollar.
I think that we have probably had enough excitement for one week. Although we may have to come up with a little something special for Jordan since he is starting to feel a left out of all the fun. I am a little worried he is going to find a way to lose some teeth so he can get in on the action. It's so hard being the barely younger brother!

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