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Monday, October 31, 2011

Old Navy and Crowdtap

This past week I was lucky to get the chance to shop at Old Navy for coats for a friend and myself. Any coat of our choice. Oh, and did I mention they were totally free? Yup! $180 worth of coats and we didn't have to pay a penny.
Are you DYING to know how? No, I didn't have to do anything crazy or over the top. Didn't sell my first born, didn't run through the streets of my town in just a pink bikini bottom proclaiming my love for outerwear, didn't even have to print a coupon off myself. I got this opportunity because I am part of an AWESOME community called Crowdtap. Crowdtap is a network of Brand Influencing Communities. A place marketers go to get feedback about their marketing ideas and products from influential consumers. It is so fun to be a part of. You start of by doing lots of what they call "Quick Hits" which are mostly multiple choice questions about different products and ideas. You earn points (and sometimes cash) for answering these questions. Points move you up to different levels which then gives you the opportunity to participate in different actions. These are usually discussions about various topics. I have participated in all kinds of topics ranging from Halloween candy to fall fashion to my love for Maxwell House coffee. These discussions give you a chance to communicate with others in the community as well as earn big points for thoughtful responses and even higher amounts of money. To date, I have earned $41.00 just for giving my opinion! It's easy to cash out, they give a portion to charity, and it is all at your own leisure. You pick and choose how much you participate.

Another type of action sometimes involves product reviews. Old Navy often provides opportunities to join a style council and receive a coupon good for one product for you and one for a friend. I have seen them do jeans, tank tops, and other clothing items. This is how I got my coats! I signed up, got chosen, and was sent a coupon for me and one for a friend. No limit, any coat of our choice in the store. I decided to take my sister-in-law who has also been one of my best friends since high school. We had a fabulous time and walked away very happy with our purchases! Want to see what we got?
Me in the red
Amy in the tan. Isn't she beautiful?
Yes, we did pick the same coat! Let me tell you, we tried on pretty much every coat in the store. Choosing the same coat definitely didn't happen due to lack of choices. There were tons of great styles but we both really fell in love with the Women's Wool Blend Double-Breasted Coats. They fit great, fall below the hips (a definite plus in my book!), and have a smooth polyester lining that makes the coat comfortable and not at all itchy. The thick wool is bound to keep us both warm but the double breasted look combined with the length makes it a stylish choice as well. 

Want to get in on a great opportunity like this? You can! Sign-up at Crowdtap now and start participating and before you know it you will be getting the chance to try out fun stuff like clothes from Old Navy! Just click on the picture below and you will be on your way:

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