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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

4 years ago today...


Looking back on it now, it is no surprise to me that you entered the world the way you did - in your own time, in your own way, leaving all of us feeling helpless. Labor would have been over in a handful of hours but you were turned funny and got your head stuck. When you finally turned after hours, you dropped quickly and ended up with the cord around your neck. I clearly remember the OB telling me calmly that the cord was around your neck and that if you were breathing fine they would let daddy cut the cord and place you on my chest but if not they would have to make it quick and take you off to work on you. So when she quickly cut the chord and the nurses rushed you off to the corner I knew that everything wasn't as it should be. The world stood still in that moment. Everyone could see you but me and I felt so helpless in that bed as I waited to see your sweet face and hear the words that everything would be okay. Tears ran down my cheeks and I just prayed as I waited to hear that cry. After what felt like forever they finally gave you to me all wrapped up and doing just fine. You had an enormous bruise on your tiny head from being stuck for so many hours but other than that you were perfect as could be. It definitely wasn't the easy way to do things, but then again, easy isn't really your style!

My Mr. Independent, you always have to do things your way and on your own. And usually you take the most difficult route to get there. You feel things in a big way and react the same. Some of these qualities make it so difficult to parent you as a toddler and now preschooler. But I know that one day these very same qualities are going to make you one amazing adult. To balance that strong personality, you were blessed with a huge funny bone! You are definitely the entertainer in the family, always cracking a joke, doing a dance, making a silly face. The funniest things come out of your mouth and we are never short for laughs when you are around.

For the longest time you were the little brother in the family, always tagging along with Nathan. We used to joke that you had a "middle kid attitude" so it was only fitting when Isaiah came along and made you an actual middle child. At first you weren't to fond of our newest addition but over the past year I have seen you step into that big brother role and you fit in those shoes quite nicely. I am so excited for you because you really have the best of both worlds with a big brother to teach you stuff and a little brother to have look up to you. I know that Nathan and Isaiah feel lucky to have you as their brother.

Happy 4th Birthday my spirited son!! I can't wait to see what this year brings for you as you continue to grow and develop into the little person God has created you to be. We are blessed to have you in this family, you are one of a kind and make each day fun and unique. Hope this day makes you feel as special as we all think you are!


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  1. Awww, such a sweet post! :) The same thing happened to my Kate! Her nose was all smashed to the side for about a week! Hahaha! I was so scared it wouldn't go back to normal! Isn't being a mom the best!?! :)


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