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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Fun

Our family won't really be celebrating Halloween on the day this year as my husband is working night shift and that is when we would normally go to our church's Harvest Festival. But that doesn't mean we haven't had plenty of Halloween fun already!

Last weekend we made our annual fall trek to Greenbluff for some fun on the farm. This year we picked Walter's Farm where we met up with my brother and his family for some pony rides, tractor rides through the orchard, and of course scouring through the pumpkin patches for just the right gourd.
Jordan riding Daisy
Daddies took the kids through the orchard
Isaiah found one just his size
Shouldn't the ones with all the energy be pulling the cart instead of riding in it?  
Friday Nathan's school was having a Family Pumpkin Carving Contest. So my husband let his creative juices flow and they put together this really adorable Pumpkin Piggy Bank. Nathan proudly came home with a 3rd place ribbon in the Creative category! While he was at school Jordan worked on a tribute to his favorite food by carving his pumpkin into a hotdog:)
He's proud, can you tell?
3rd Place! He actually got a nice silk ribbon to keep as well:)

Mmmmm....Hot dog!
We rounded out the Halloween fun by heading to the town my brother and his family live in to attend Pumpkin Lane on Saturday. This is a two hour block of time where all the businesses hand out candy as families walk through town from place to place. We have been doing this for several years now and always have a blast. Next year we are thinking about all coming together with a theme for costumes. After all, we now have 9 people between our 2 families so that gives us a lot to work with! This year we had a hodge-podge of costumes. Nathan was in a homemade dinosaur costume, Jordan has been begging for months to wear the chicken costume Nathan wore 2 years ago, and Isaiah was in a monkey costume we have had for years. Easy peasy!
Dinosaur tail from Isaiah's birthday party, crocheted dinosaur hat and Daddy's make-up job:)
Yes, he's a chicken (but doubling as an Angry Bird!)
Our cute little cookie faced monkey
So indicative of their personalities - our happy dinosaur, angry chicken and confused monkey:)
All in all we have had a great October. Looking forward to the coming months and all of the holiday fun still to be had.


  1. Your boys look super cute! I've followed your blog for awhile and I'm a fan on facebook but I don't think I've commented on any of your blog posts before!

  2. Thanks so much Jennifer:) Glad you are following and appreciate your comment!


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