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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Doing it for me should be good enough

One of the biggest things I struggle with eating right is when I am wanting to comfort myself. So now that Jeremy has started periodically working night shifts I find myself wanting to snack on comfort food when I am alone. Luckily there isn't much of that in the house and he takes the only working car with him so that rules out running to buy crap food. The other thing is cooking a healthy meal. I feel like putting little effort into that when it is just me and the boys and I know they are likely to turn their noses up at most of what I am serving. But tonight I made myself do it. I cooked baked lemon chicken with homemade breadcrumbs and garlic. On the side we had whole wheat couscous with wilted spinach, tomatoes and feta. YUM!! The kids weren't scarfing it down or anything but I truly enjoyed it and it was good for me. Can't say I will always feel like that kind of effort when Jeremy isn't home for dinner but I will have to try to make just me important enough more often.

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