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Thursday, July 16, 2009

End to a great week

We have been so blessed to have Jeremy home from work for 7 days in a row, one of the positive changes to his new schedule. It has truly been like a mini vacation for us. We spent time at the park, the lake, a concert and today took the kids to their first movie and then Greenbluff for the afternoon. We saw Madagascar 2 at the Garland this morning, they do their free movies for kids all summer. Nathan loved it and was amazed by the "big tv." Jordan did pretty well, although he was more fascinated by the seats than anything. Then this afternoon we headed out to Greenbluff where we stopped at a few of the farms (or orchards or whatever they are called:). The kids love Walter's Farm best because they have a play area and a giant sand box (that's actually filled with dry peas instead of sand, quite interesting) and an area with goats and stuff like that. Another great day in what's been an amazing week. After coming home from visiting my parent's in Arizona we decided we could be doing a lot more with the boys then we had been. We also realized we needed to make the most of where we are. One of the biggest lessons I have learned recently is that it doesn't matter where you live your life, it's how. So whatever your situation you need to make the most of it. We are trying to love our life where we are and are coming to realize that this is the place we are meant to be in this season of our life. How different life looks when you begin to look at from a place of joy and possibility!

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