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Sunday, July 12, 2009

God is good...ALL the time

What an amazing weekend this has turned out to be. Starting yesterday morning with my hubby going to a men's breakfast at our new church. This is noteworthy for 2 reasons. One, this was the first week we had actually attended the church so he knew absolutely nobody. Two, he is new to Christianity, has never regularly attended a church before and normally crawls deep inside his shell when things like this that are out of his comfort zone present themselves. But instead when I jokingly ask him after our first service if he is planning to attend the men's breakfast the following saturday he replied, "I think I might!" And he did and he loved it. And now he is thinking about joining some small groups. Who is this man? So after that we dropped the kids off with gma and papa and we drove to the Tri-Cities where we got to spend a little time with some dear family friends, which is always nice. Then we attended a benefit concert that had two local Christian bands and along with 33 Miles. That got off to a slow start but by the end of the night it turned out to be a fabulous show.
By the way, just have to quickly share the amazing meaning behind their name. You may or not know that Jesus only lived 33 years on this earth. Isn't it amazing all that he accomplished in his time here? What have you been doing with the miles you have put in so far? We will never live up to the life Jesus did because none of us are perfect like him, but we sure can strive to live by his grace and touch as many others as we can while we are here.
The drive home was actually my favorite part of the entire evening. We got to talk in that special intimate way that only happens once in a great while between couples but is absolutely perfect and lasting. We talked about all God has done in our lives, all that He continues to do and how excited we are to see what He will do in the future. There was a lot of deep conversation that I will keep private but that meant a lot to me. I am just bursting with joy by all that we going through right now and give God all the glory!
Finally, today we went to church and just really enjoyed the message. It was our first time attending with the senior pastor speaking and we just loved the way he spoke and how honest he was. This church definitely believes it putting it out their how it really is and I think that is great. We just continue to look forward to getting more involved and seeing what place God has for us there. The biggest thing that I have come to realize lately is that whatever He has instore for us and wherever he has in store for us, we will make the most of it and live it to the fullest. As the song says, "We only get just one time around..."

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  1. WAHOOOOOOO.... We serve an AWESOME God and we love to see His hand in your lives. It's answered prayer!!!


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