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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Lunch Round Up #2

Lunch round up number two brings you two more weeks worth of lunch ideas straight from my first graders lunch box. Hope you'll take some ideas away and share some of yours in return. Here's what we've been serving:
Black bean fritters, mashed potatoes, cheese crisps, banana and homemade quinoa granola bar

Apple half, celery sticks, waffle sandwich with peanut butter and honey, homemade trail mix with granola, sunflower seeds and white chocolate chips

bananas, celery, garbanzo bean and kale patties, roasted red potato wedges

homemade tortilla with peanut butter and honey, string cheese, carrots, pretzel rods

carrot and celery sticks, large marshmallow with white chocolate chips, zucchini bread, apple with peanut butter, pretzel and cheese dumbbells

butternut squash oatmeal cookie, celery, bagel pizza (homemade bagel, spaghetti sauce, pepperoni slices, cheese) , banana

white rice, carrots, homemade tortillas with crock pot refried beans

Shell pasta with meat sauce, string cheese, carrots, cheddar chive muffin
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  1. A lot of your items are typically hot foods. Does your child eat them cold or do you keep them warm somehow?

  2. Great question...he typically eats them cold or room temp and doesn't seemed bothered by it. These containers are microwave safe though so if your school offers that, reheating would always be an option:)


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