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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First day of First Grade

Nathan started First Grade today. I swear we were just taking him to Kindergarten! And I know everyone says this but time sure flies.
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He was as handsome as could be this morning, as you can see. He was only a tad nervous before bed last night so I prayed for him last night and daddy prayed for him this morning. I think he was feeling pretty confident as we were heading out the door. He even wanted to be a little silly.

Wonder what a first grader looks forward to? Let's hear it out of his own mouth:

Mommy made sure to pack a super healthy lunch to help his brain work overtime today as it tried to get used to a busy school schedule again. Peanut butter balls (with soaked steel cut oats, pepitas, sunflower seeds, and honey), carrots, celery, a banana {who sees the message?} and some rice leftover from last night (it was half white half black, hence the color):

Of course we couldn't do TOTALLY healthy today...we did a special Krispy Kreme run after school was done, mostly hoping the sugar high would help him be more willing to spill about his day (anybody else's school aged boys already barely talking? I need more details then "fine" when I ask about his day!).

Another first day of school in the books. I am willing to bet that this year will go even faster than the last and I will soon be writing another Kindergarten post as Jordan joins his brother at school next year. But until then, we are going to try to hold on for the ride and watch Nathan as he continues to learn and grow. Here we go!

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