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Thursday, December 1, 2011

North Pole Breakfast

Elfie is back! In case you are newer to my blog, Elfie is the name of our Elf on a Shelf. Still confused? Type Elfie in the search box at the top of my blog and you can read up on all my posts from last year.

This is his second year coming to our house and boy did he come with a bang! The boys woke up to a fully decorated dining room with ribbons on the chairs, pictures on the wall totally covered in wrapping paper, and silver bells and snowflakes hanging from the ceiling.

Each of the kids had a personalized letter from Elfie reminding them to be good so they can stay on the nice list. In his lap was a note to me asking me to kindly fix up the food he had brought since he was so tired from traveling and decorating.

Turns out Elfie had brought all the fixings for a proper North Pole Breakfast complete with powdered donuts, berries, bacon and eggnog. Everything got wolfed up in no time and even our Little Guy was caught stuffing his face, mostly full of berries:)

We donned our Seahawk Santa hats because after all, that is appropriate attire for a North Pole Breakfast in the Pacific Northwest!
I can't wait to see what other things Elfie has up his sleeve as we count down to Christmas. Be looking for weekly updates to see all the fun things Elfie brings and does while staying at our house.

(P.S. - For any elves out there looking to duplicate this at their house, I heard that our elf used mostly decorations we had on hand and got the rest at the Dollar Tree and only spent around $10. That frugal little elf!;)

**Here is a post about our 2013 NPB for those interested**

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