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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

More elf antics

Another week with Elfie has passed. He has really out done himself with all kinds of crazy stunts that have kept the kids on their toes each morning as they try to hunt him down. I love listening to them speculate how he got into all of these places over breakfast each morning. The imagination of children is magical all on it's own! Want a peak for yourself at the fun we've been having? Here you go:

That sneaky elf dyed our milk green!! This was a morning that the kids panicked because they couldn't find Elfie anywhere...what a shock when we opened the fridge:)

Just hanging out! Nathan got quite a surprise when he awoke on that morning.

This was a favorite...Elfie brought the bigger boys their own Christmas mugs (this was a request for sometime) and a hot chocolate bar to enjoy as an after school snack.

Elfie donning Jordan's stuff, apparently he wants to go outside to play!

Who knew Elfie was a card shark? The boys have decided Santa must have taught him how to play.
Oh, the things that elf comes up with while we are all sleeping. Can't wait to see what he has up his sleeve this week! Do any of you have an elf visiting you this year? Would love to hear what your elf has been up to, feel free to share:)

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