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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Elfie's first week

Elfie has been here since last Thursday and has been the talk of the house. Jordan lectures him everyday about moving from his original spot on the table. One day he even went as far as making a plan to glue him to the table so he couldn't's pretty funny! Here's what Elfie has been up to:

Taking over for the Christmas Countdown Snowman
Last year Elfie brought us the Fisher Price Nativity, this year he gave us the 3 wise men set too
Elfie replaced Isaiah's stocking with himself! The night before the boys had given him Christmas lists to take home to Santa so tucked behind him is a letter back to them from Santa:)

Elfie always likes playing with the nutcrackers

He brought out the Christmas books for the boys (with a little help from our cat Buddy)

Elfie got up on the coat shelf and is wearing one of the kids Seahawk Santa hats
A week in the life of a Christmas Elf...busy! I am sure he has many more antics and surprises up his sleeve so stayed tuned for more Elfie updates in the coming weeks.

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