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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Isaiah!

I can hardly believe a whole year has passed by since I first got to meet you. This time last year I was just getting started with labor and was anxious to get it over with so I could finally see your face. And then at exactly 5:21 pm you arrived and I fell madly in love with that sweet face and your head full of soft hair. I remember wondering for months if you would look like one or both of your brothers only to realize that you looked just like you. I will never forget that day.

The first few months you were so quiet and calm. You had such a gentle presence and barely disrupted the flow of our family. Now, while you still go with the flow, you have begun to find your voice and aren't afraid to use it. While mostly speaking in grunts and babbling you have no problem letting us know what you want.

And you have each one of us wrapped around your little truly are the baby of the family! Your brothers love you dearly and my heart melts every time I see you light up as they enter a room. I am so excited to see the bond between the three of you grow.

I think that at some point during each month of your life I have looked at Daddy and said, "I love him just like this. I don't want him to grow anymore." But of course you continue to grow and of course I continue to love you more and more each step of the way.

Happy 1st Birthday our sweet Isaiah!!! Can't wait to see what this year brings.

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  1. No way! Already one?!!! I cannot believe that... but I guess Cooper is not far behind. Our babies are growing way too fast. Happy Birthday Isaiah!


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