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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Re-Purposing a Bamboo Place Mat (Part 1)

As those of you have been reading for awhile know, I love to browse the dollar section at Target. You just never know what you will find there. Case in point, my most recent purchase:

Those are 4 brightly colored bamboo place mats that I got for $2.50. Now I knew upon purchasing them that I wouldn't use them for their intended purpose. They may be cute on the table at Easter, but I saw a deeper potential. What exactly, I didn't know at the time, but I was sure it would come to me.

Enter idea number 1: A wall hanging. I saw that bright pink place mat, thought of my newly born niece and her upcoming baby shower, and knew I could come up with something.

Using stuff I had amongst my craft stash (minus the buttons which I purchased at the same time as the place mats for $1.00), I got to work:

First I took my string and slid it between the slats and then tied a knot on each side to create a way to hang my project when it was finished:

Then I played around with the layout. At first I was just going to use my niece's first name but when I realized how much open space it would leave I took the opportunity to include her beautiful middle name as well:

After getting it just the way I wanted I warmed up the hot glue gun and got to work. First adding buttons to the flowers to give them a special touch and then gluing on each letter:

And in know time at all I had whipped up a wall hanging that I am sure will brighten up her nursery even more then it brightened up my wall:

Now I still have 3 more place mats left over so keep checking back because you never know what I will do with them!

Excited to be featured on Homework! Check it out:


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