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Monday, March 14, 2011

You learn something new everyday...

This is so true. Especially now with the amount of technology we have at our disposal. It's probably more accurate to say, "You learn 10 new things everyday." Let me see if I can think of 10 things I learned today:

1. You have to pay for all day kindergarten. Maybe not true for every school district, but true for mine.

2. When you have a friend whose name sounds like Santa, you need to be careful having a conversation with her within earshot of your children!

3. You can receive a wake-up call from your utility company if you report a power outage. This blew my mind and is actually what sparked this post.

4. March 14th is both the Man version of Valentine's Day and Pi Day. I knew this information separately but never put it together that they fell on the same day until today.

5. When you leave a 3 year old alone to take his fluoride tablet it may end up being ingested through the nasal cavity rather than by mouth. (This one I could have done without ever knowing!)

6. Even babies are fascinated by newborns...our 9 month old was going crazy over a baby we spent time with today who was less then a week old.

Okay...hitting a wall here. Maybe this was a 6 new things kind of day. But that's not bad. If I learned 6 new things everyday for the rest of my life I would be pretty knowledgeable!

What is something new you learned today?


  1. I'm trying to stay awake for one more feeding so I can hopefully get a couple hours sleep and I saw your post. We're in it, heehee! ;)

    I do hope you mean nasal cavity. Through the naval would be sorta difficult. LOL But anyway, I've dealt with chalk in the nose. Sounds similar. Not fun.

    Off to feed the babe.

  2. Yes Jessie...nasal cavity!!!

    And I learn something new every time I am at your house:)Hope you get some sleep.


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