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Monday, June 25, 2012

Frame to Magnetic Grocery List

The other day as I was trying to find a random piece of scrap paper to jot down the newest "We're out of this" thing that I didn't want to forget on our next grocery trip, I realized that I needed a better system. I think I even spoke that out loud to Jeremy in that moment. And then I went about my week.

Funny how those things get tucked away in my brain and then out of no where an idea hits. I was looking at some frames that I was planning to re-purpose for a project in the boys bathroom when I saw one of the smaller 4X5 frames and was reminded of my grocery list need. About 5 minutes later I had this:
Obviously the red pen on the green polka dot background leaves something to be desired as far as visibility goes, but it will do for now until I pick up some new pens or change out the background.

Either way, this was a super easy solution to my problem. I just put some tissue paper into the frame -you could easily use scrap paper or print off something kitcheny {yup, I am making up my own words now} for a background- and since the back had a stand that was keeping it from being flush with the fridge I replaced that with a piece of cardboard I just ripped off of something already in the recycle bin. Used some strips of magnet along the top and bottom of the back, as well as along the lid of the dry erase pen, and I was done. Doesn't take up much room on the fridge either!
Don't mind the craziness going on around the fridge - that's a project for a different day. Hmmm, that gives me an idea....

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