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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bouncy Ball DIY (Alphabet Summer)

It's B day which means we are doing a Bouncy Ball DIY. Bouncy balls are a favorite toy in this house. On any given day you can find all 3 boys crowded in our little kitchen watching half a dozen balls bounce all over the place. I knew that making their own would be a huge hit.

I followed the directions as I found them on Free Fun in Austin. Our ingredients included Borax, clear Elmer's glue, food coloring and craft sticks. Since I use Borax to make my own laundry detergent, I was able to do this project without really spending any money (I had to buy the clear glue but that was about a dollar).

Even though they looked pretty good, this project ended up being a bust. We bounced them once or twice and they started crumbling. Reading up on this more it looks like recipes with cornstarch work better. Oh well, it created a good opportunity to teach the kids that not everything is always going to go as we expect and that it is more important to enjoy the process than the final product. And it gives us an excuse to try it again soon!

Our memory verse today came from Acts. I found this great blog that has scripture verses to correspond with each letter so I will be using that for the rest of our Alphabet Summer.
Jeremy was home today so he and the boys tackled a Baseball Stadium for our Alphabet City structure today. Lots of fun!

We also did two different B worksheets today. One came from and had a butterfly inside of a large B. The other came from and was a color by number of a bat on a B. I am going to try and mix these up and I will keep sharing where I find my printable worksheets so that you can use them too if you want.

Another Alphabet Summer activity is in the books! Want to see what we still have on our list? You can follow our Master List here.

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