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Friday, June 22, 2012

Magnetic Dry Erase Board Makeover

This is what I did last night - turned my blah, boring, plain magnetic dry erase board into this cuter, funner, magnetic weekly planner board. This was about as easy as a project as it gets. Truly this takes minimum supplies and very little time. Let me walk you through what I did.

I started with the previously mentioned BLAH dry erase board:
I went through my fabric scraps and found one that was thin enough to still use magnets through and big enough to cover the entire board (you need a little extra to wrap around to the back). After cutting the fabric I wrapped it tightly around the board, hot gluing it into place.

You could use a less sheer fabric if you didn't want to see through it - I like seeing where I can use push pins if I wanted to

I used some pre-cut letters I had picked up ages ago at Michael's and attached magnets to the back to make markers for days of the week.
Continuing to dig through my never-ending craft supplies {such a problem to have, I know} I found some wooden hearts and knobs that my mother-in-law had given me. With a touch of paint and some magnets attached to the back, I quickly created some magnets for adding our weekly events to the board.

Now all I have left to do is make some laminated cards that I can use to write our weekly commitments on using a dry erase marker. Then I can easily wipe them off and use over and over. I may add a pocket to store those in as well. But you get the idea!

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