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Monday, March 21, 2011

These are the times I cherish

I was thinking this morning how ironic it was that Friday's five minute writing prompt was on waiting. Right now we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our newest niece and the anticipation is driving me crazy! But I love it all at the same time.

You see I live for times like this. My parents are in town, my sister-in-law is texting me regularly with updates and there is just a general buzz in the air as everyone waits. While it is nerving wracking at times I actually think the waiting is what makes it all worth while. There is something to be said for this time where we all are checking in with each other often, guessing when and how the baby will come and trying to plan around the what ifs. It's exciting and it is the stuff that makes life worthwhile.

And then before we know it the moment we all are waiting for will actually arrive. The phone calls will be made, everyone will rush around to fulfill their designated duties and the wait will be over. We will huddle around in the small hospital room gazing for the first time at the newest blessing. Everyone will be smiling ear to ear, trying to decide who she looks like and playfully arguing over who gets to hold her next. There will be rejoicing as the long wait will finally have come to an end.

I am trying to soak it all in while we are in the moment because before I know it the dust will settle and life will return to normal. We will go about our day to day until the next big celebration is announced and we start the dance all over again. But for now...we wait. And it's all good!

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  1. Very well said! All too often we wait and hope for whatever it is. And then poof its here and we wonder where the time went! We all need to slow down and cherish each moment and each day. So yes, wait, and enjoy it! Found you on mama blog.


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