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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Cheap and Easy Holiday/Winter Center Piece

While I am not overly decorative I do like to have a nice centerpiece on my table at most times. I don't know why...I think the table just looks so plain and boring without something there. Since we are on a pretty tight budget, I like to use things I already have around the house to decorate with. I will fill in with items from the Dollar Store or other clearance items I find here and there. I particularly like browsing through the dollar section at our Target, they always have great seasonal stuff. As I was getting ready to change out my current centerpiece from the holidays, I thought I would take a moment to share it with you all before I change it up. I realize the holidays are over but I think this would just as nice throughout the winter.

I bought the plate at Target...a two pack for $2.00. I bought the glittery pine cones from Target a year or two ago for $1.00 and have used them in several centerpieces since. The red and green candle I already had on hand. I think this by itself would be pretty nice. I decided to top it with a cake stand topper I had (mostly to keep little hands from grabbing the stuff inside) and placed it on top of a green table runner which I got on after holiday clearance from Target (yes, I am a little obsessed with Target deals). Not bad for a couple of dollars!

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  1. That is pretty. I am like you, I like something on the table too. But not really into fresh flowers on the table, too much maintenance.


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