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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

It's a date:)

I still haven't been able to make it out on a date with my hubby since the little one was born but I did decide to make a date with my older boys. I figured we were in need of some alone time since they have had to split my attention with a needy baby for the last 10 weeks. Since I am still exclusively breastfeeding and haven't been pumping at all I knew I had to make it a fairly quick outing so daddy wouldn't be stuck with a hungry baby. So we hit the local Barnes and Noble. I told both of the boys that they could each pick out their own book. As I suspected, as soon as we hit the children book section they both wanted the first book they saw. It took some prompting to get them to look around a bit and we finally landed in the discount section which allowed them each two books. They then played with some other kids on the stage area and then we moved to check-out. They both wanted to carry their own books and upon arriving at the register they proudly plopped their books upon the counter. The check-out lady even commented on how well behaved they were, which always does my heart good. She must be a mom because she made sure to give them each their own bags to carry.

After purchasing the books we decided a treat was an order so we hit the Starbucks inside the store which also happens to carry Cheesecake Factory desserts. Jordan practically plastered his face to the display counter and pointed at each dessert exclaiming, "I want that one!" They finally settled on chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting mounded on top. I got the Godiva chocolate cheesecake which was to die for! A few messy faces later and we were ready to head back home. They were so excited to show daddy their new books. All in all it was a great time spent with two of my favorite little guys.

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  1. My boys love getting new books too! Good idea for a quick outing. We all went to B&N on saturday! They each got two books from the bargain area too!! I also saw that Godiva double chocolate cheesecake....I settled for an iced carmel macchiato. :) Karis was with us and of course she got hungry so, we had to take a break and go eat in the van. It was GREAT to get out of the house!!!

  2. That's funny that we did almost the same thing!! Do you get weird about feeding in public? I have decided it is too inconvenient and hot to do it in the car. We have been out so much that I have had to just dive into public nursing. Loving my uddercover as it is light and packs into my diaper bag so well. Sometimes I feel like it makes people uncomfortable, but I know that is just ridiculous so I try not to let it get to me:)


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