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Monday, August 2, 2010

It's a start!

For those of you who read my last post I was confessing my overall state of disorganization. I have to say in the few short days since I wrote that I have already been making some changes and it feels great!! Starting with the house first since the visible clutter seems to effect my mental state in other areas, I took the advice of a fellow blogger and checked out and am glad I did. Right now I am working through the baby steps of developing a good housecleaning routine. Since I started I have woke up to a shiny and empty sink every morning. I had to laugh when I first read how she thought waking up to a shiny sink was like a hug for yourself but the enthusiasm I have felt over having a clean sink is pretty ridiculous so I have given into the fact that although it may be cheesy, she is totally right. I have also woken up each morning and started the day by getting ready head to toe. This has been good for me as being a stay at home mom for 4 years now has helped me fall into a routine of sweats and no make-up on days Jeremy works.  It has made a big impact on my motivation when I start my day by getting myself ready. It is also helping me reach my goal of having my house company ready at all times. This means that not only does my house need to be presentable, but so do I.  Like I said before, these are all baby steps but it feels good to be moving in the right direction. 

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  1. Way to go Chrystal! Honestly, I love the feeling of going to bed with a clean kitchen too. Just the thought of waking up to no mess is so refreshing. Of course there are nights I'm just too exhausted to follow through, but try to as much as possible. I've been in a reorganizing frenzy as well lately as we get closer to Cooper's arrival. I'm a huge fan of baskets -- basket for books, kid's toys, blankets, etc. Simple, but cute! Good luck with your reorganizing!

  2. Yea! So glad you like flylady! I've been trying hard to get better at cleaning/organizing as well and my sink has been shining! :) I will say though, that I don't follow her "put a bucket under the sink for dirty dishes rather than put them in the sink" rule. Seems kinda weird to me - almost like buying a new couch but not sitting on it out of fear of spilling something on it. How do you manage to get dressed and ready first thing in the morning? I have an impossible time with that - I get a shower when the baby's sleeping, sometimes thats in the morning, but most of the times it's in the afternoons.

  3. I actually tried the bucket thing and love it! I have been keeping up on dishes but as I am cooking I rinse em and throw them under there. Then if I don't get to them right away my counter/sink isn't cluttered. Works for me but I could see skipping that.

    As for getting ready in the morning, the little one sleeps in our room so I wake when he does and he is actually pretty chill first thing so he lays in our bed while I get ready. This doesn't always include a shower though. Since having the kids I have taken to mostly showering at night when Jeremy can occupy them or they are in bed. My getting ready routine has also drastically shortened since my pre-kids days!

  4. I hope that maybe by next month I will be able to get a shower every day.... Right now Karis cries when Daddy hold her. He thinks she hates him! :( Eating every 2 hours then spitting up for 30 mins resulting in clothes changing and more laundry. The laundry is a vicious cycle. I just tell myself that it WILL get easier and it's really not that bad anyways. I have checked out flylady...just not ready yet to jump.

  5. I understand...I definitely recommend revisiting it when you are feeling ready. I started the first day by just cleaning my sink. I have kept that up everyday now and am slowly adding to my routine. This month she is having us work on laundry so I am just doing a load a day to keep up. That seems to help. We are also working on the entry way and dining room. One 15 minute project a day. This structure and slow building of a routine is helping me to focus and not feel overwhelmed. You'll get there too!


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