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Friday, July 30, 2010

Needing to reorganize

 Have you ever gotten to the point where you feel like every area of your life is cluttered and chaotic? I am feeling that right now. Our house is a mess. Not disgusting filthy type mess but just majorly disorganized and inefficient. I think this is spilling over into other things as well. We have been pretty frivolous with our spending lately and I am feeling completely out of control with my weight and eating habits. There I said it...I am an overall mess!! Now I know some of you kind people are going to point out that I just had a baby or that I have 3 kids 3 and under to take care of. While these things are true, they are not the cause of this mess. It is just something that has been building up. I let one area slide and then the next and before I knew it I was feeling buried. But that is about to change. Sometimes it takes me awhile to kick my own butt into gear. Sometimes I have to feel totally dissatisfied with myself to make a change. I hate that I am like that, that I let things go so long, but that is who I am. Something to work on as I continue to try to improve myself.

It felt good to just unload all of this. I will be blogging about specific changes soon but needed to get this off my chest for the moment. Anyone with suggestions on how they keep their chaos in order would be much appreciated. I love hearing how other people get it done, there is a lot to be learned that way.

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  1. I have the same problem and am wanting to get it under control as well! Just a few days ago I joined flylady ( and am hoping that will help me keep my house in order a little bit.

  2. Thank you Jenny! I just visited that sight in the last week or two and it has inspired me but thanks to your reminder I hopped right back on and joined. Hoping it helps!

    I will pass on something I have used in the past that I am going back to for weight loss help. It is and is great if you like to have a place to track food and exercise and get support from others. I lost about 35 lbs before having Isaiah with support from that sight.

  3. I am feeling that way too!!! My eating habits and my body shape have me feeling defeated before I even started trying to lose it! I am told the usual...(you had a baby a month ago, you'll bounce back...blah blah blah) Us mothers are hardest on ourselves. I just can't help but compare my post pardum self to after I had the boys...things are WAY different. As far as the house...of course it seems out of control when I have so many mess makers and only myself and hubby to clean up! So much darn laundry, always some dirty dishes....etc. I am breastfeeding so it seems like that's all I get done. I believe I just vented on your, to sum it all up- I feel your pain!!!


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