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Sunday, July 25, 2010

You know you are the mother of an infant when...

As the title states, you know you are the mother of an infant when:

*There are spit up stains on every shirt you own.

*You pick what you are going to wear based on how easy it is to pull your boob out and feed at a moments notice.

*You get excited about poop...any period of time with a constipated baby leads to great excitement when the poop finally comes!

*You find yourself despising noise of any kind as it inevitably comes as soon as the baby falls asleep. What in the world were you thinking moving so close to train tracks??

*You thought pregnancy brain was bad, but baby brain has proved to be worse. That lovely addition of sleeplessness has made you extra forgetful.

*You forget stuff...wait, did I already say that?

*You take the long way home when driving if baby has finally fallen asleep. Anything for peace and quiet:)

*You find yourself rocking even when you are not holding baby because it has become such a habit.

*You will go to great lengths just to see that precious baby smile...crazy faces and silly voices that you once would have been ashamed of are a part of daily life.

*You feel love like you never have before. Your heart has expanded in a way you never thought possible.

Feel free to add your own. I know several of my followers just had babies themselves so I would love to hear your thoughts, I am sure I have missed some (i.e. baby brain!).


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  1. *You find it is possible to survive on only 2 hours of solid sleep at a time.

    *You turn down spicy foods cause you know baby will pay for it later. Diaper rash is no fun :(

    *You find you like shopping for clothes 10 to 20 sizes too small for you.

    *You hate the "baby brain" and sore, tired body but wouldn't trade this time for anything else in the world.

  2. This is great!

    * it takes you 2 1/2 hours just to get out of the house and make it to church on time

    * you have the late night tv viewing schedule memorized

    * you get used to always eating cold food. It always seems like the baby wants your attention as soon as you sit down to enjoy a nice hot meal!

  3. Good ones ladies!!

    How about all things one-armed?? Like choosing what to make for dinner based on the ability to make/eat it with one hand!


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