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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Elfie's trip is coming to an end

 Friday is Elfie's last day here before he heads back to the North Pole with Santa. He has been one busy guy! I wanted to share some of the pictures from the last week and a half. Not everything got documented with mommy being sick (it took everything I had to just move him some nights!) but he did make it to a new spot every night. His big finale on Friday morning will include him bringing the boys their new Christmas Eve pajamas. It sure has been fun including him in our Christmas tradition, looking forward to spending the year coming up with new ways to use him next year!

A toy parade!! (Ignore the dirty carpet, waiting until Spring to deep clean it)

Elfie brought green waffle batter

The finished product

A movie (Got it free with my Disney Movie Rewards!)

Hanging out...Jeremy says he must not be a real man if he's sitting like that;)

Popcorn and m&ms for snack

Chillin' in the tree

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