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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Elfie update

I just wrote about Elfie the other day (here) but I thought I would update every Saturday so you all can see what he has been up to during the week.

Let me start by saying that shortly after posting last time Jordan, the boundary tester, had already touched Elfie to see what would happen. Now for those of you who actually know my children, you know that this is so in Jordan's character. And falling right in step Nathan, the rule follower, was the one who was upset by this because he knew it meant that Elfie would lose his magic and not be able to get back to the North Pole. So in an effort to ease Nathan and teach Jordan a lesson (yeah right!) we had Santa call and tell them that if they were good boys and cleaned their room he would send more magic dust for Elfie. Ah, what an eventful first day!

Day 2 we decided to have some fun with Elfie. He must have gotten bored during the night because he rounded up all of the boys' Toy Story friends and got into a snowball fight with some mini marshmallows:

He was outrageously outnumbered and lost horribly!!

Day 3 Elfie brought something special, a Fisher Price Nativity Set. The funny thing behind this is that Jordan has been admiring my decorations and asking if he can have them. I told him when he is bigger and has his own house he will get a box of all his own ornaments and maybe he can have some other things too. Daily he points at one of my nativity sets saying he wants that in his box. So Elfie had a note that said he noticed how much the boys had admired mommy's nativity and that he wanted them to have one of their own to play with:
 Day 4 Elfie decided he needed a birds eye view to keep really good tabs on the boy so he found himself a spot on top of the grandfather clock:
I am excited to say that this morning was the first day I saw them really talk about Elfie as if he was magical. The other days Nathan would say, "Who moved Elfie there?" and things like that. Today when I asked him how he thought Elfie got there he told me this elaborate story of how he climbed his way to the top. Then he proceeded to talk to him and tell him to get down from there. I am glad to see him letting go and getting in on the fun. I will continue to keep you updated on Elfie's adventures...who knows where he will end up next!!

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  1. I love it!! Way to be creative with the snowball adorable! I have been eyeballing that little people nativity set for a couple of years...I think that Karis will be the one to finally receive it :) It is SOOO cute!


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