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Friday, September 17, 2010

Family Movie Night

I have been talking lately about how we have been trying to be more intentional with our time as a family. While on one hand we are trying to be more disciplined financially and organizationally, we also want to be intentional in taking time to have fun with our kids. So one of the things we discuss every week as we sit down and discuss our upcoming weeks plans is Family Night. This week we decided on movie and pizza. We decided to let the kids make their own pizzas. This was not just the cheaper way to go but more importantly it makes for great memories. I really love spending time in the kitchen with the boys, it is such a great way to bond with them and they always have so much fun. Here is what our night looked like (the boys are a little hard to separate as grandma had just given them the same colored shirt and they have matching buzz cuts:) :

The movie
The food
Lots of cheese!
Jordan liked the pepperoni

Heavy on the olives
He's a one on the pizza two in my mouth kind of kid:)
Excited about his microwavable smore
Yum, Yum!

 On a side note we made our smores using then new Dark Chocolate Granola Thins from Nature Valley. I liked it! The granola was kind of sweet and the chocolate was already on there so you didn't have to buy it separately. The peanut butter ones would be good as well with a piece of chocolate on top, for those of you crazy people who actually like peanut butter;)

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