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Monday, September 13, 2010

Big Boy Capes

 I finally finished them!! The capes that were originally intended to be big brother gifts for the boys once Isaiah came. The ones I had all but finished the night before I was scheduled to go into the hospital and couldn't bring my 38 week pregnant, super swollen ankled, stressed out mama self to finish. So three and a half months later they are finally done. I didn't quite get the enthusiastic response I expected from the boys. Actually, that's not entirely true. Nathan was super excited and Jordan was passed out on the couch due to his cold. Nathan kept trying to wake him so they could play "Super Nathan" and shoved Jordan's cape in his face the minute he woke up. So needless to say, my cape crazy middle child did not respond too enthusiastically. But a few hours later when he had rested and spunked up some he got really excited about his Super Jordan cape.

I pretty much did this off the cuff, as has been the case with the majority of my sewing ventures. I did follow a measurement guideline I found here, but pretty much went from my heart. They aren't perfect but they are made with love for my two favorite superheroes:)

Nathan's cape  

The lining of Nathan's cape (robots)
Jordan's cape
The lining of Jordan's cape (dinosaurs)
Nathan's first reaction
Super Nathan
And he's off!
Super Jordan (and his sidekick Baby!)
So cute!


  1. Love them!!! My middle boy is all about costumes! we have saved all our previous Halloween costumes and he always gets a few for Christmas too. He is always woody, spiderman, iron man.....etc, rather than himself :) He has SUCH an imagination!! Love it!

  2. So cute! The boys look so excited :)


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