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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Wraps and slings and carriers, oh my!

Wanted to share with you all my week in baby shopping.  So this week as I begin to get that "oh my goodness Isaiah is going to be here in 9 weeks" feeling we decided to do something about it (and what better place to start then to shop!). We made a run to Other Mothers that had needed to happen for awhile as we had some stuff to resell and thought we could browse and use the in store credit if we found something good. I was specifically trying to find something to wear baby Isaiah in. I used a Moby wrap with Jordan and really liked it but sold it awhile back when we weren't making any plans for a third baby. So I was thrilled when I came upon an Infantino SlingRider for $15. I had seen them around and one of my friends that recently had a baby was using one so I went ahead and purchased it. I also got him a cute take home outfit and a baby bouncer, which I paid only $21 for by the way:) I was thrilled that we had made some progress as our buying list is pretty short since we have been there done that twice in the last 3 and 1/2 years.

The next day I decided to check online for a manual for the sling so that I made sure I was using it properly only to find out it had been recalled. I was so irked and was trying to decide if I should call Other Mothers when I saw that the company was offering to take back the recalled item (they paid for shipping) and give an item in exchange. So I chose the Wrap & Tie 3 in 1 carrier that was worth $40. SCORE!! Here's what it looks like (they threw in the toy too):
So after being happy that something that originally bummed me out worked out in my favor I decided to continue on with my list. I wasn't planning on getting more than one thing to wear baby in but I was thinking about how much I really liked having the fabric wrap that he could lay down in in the beginning. It is especially great around the house. I came across the HugaMonkey Baby Sling and was pleased by the price and the simplicity of the wrap. Not all complicated like the Moby! Plus free shipping. I checked reviews to make sure it was a well liked product and when doing that stumbled upon a 30% off coupon that made the sling only $20 dollars. Can you say SCORE, again??

Now I am really just down to needing to pick up a monitor, some bottles and some fill in pieces in his wardrobe. I of course had mounds of boy clothes but gave a bunch to a friend in need after Jordan so I need to replenish a little in the baby sizes. Jeremy's parents are buying the bedding and painting him a dresser like the other boys got. We already have the carseat, bassinet, and crib. Starting to feel more ready. Kind of. I am pretty ready things wise but am still preparing myself physically and emotionally for having a newborn in the house and upping the kid count to 3. Hey, if nothing else, it should make for some interesting blogs, right? ;)

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  1. Success!!! I'm sorry about your sling episode BUT, you ended up with two that will be MUCH better!! I purchased a LOVEYDUDS wrap and a ring sling for Karis :) I have never worn my babies before so I am excited! I know what you mean about mentally preparing...not sure if that is even possible!!!


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