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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What we had for dinner

Pepper Lover's Pizza
This has become a definite favorite of ours. Pesto, peppers and french bread all make it irresistible! I got this out of a spin-off magazine from Taste of Home called Simple and Delicious. It truly lives up to the name of the magazine being both simple and delicious:)

1 each yellow, orange, and red pepper, julienned
1 medium onion, halved and sliced
1/2 tsp Italian seasoning (I usually just use a mix of oregano, basil and seasoning salt)
2 Tbsp olive oil
1 cup (4 oz) shredded mozzarella cheese (I use double, half for mixing with the peppers and half for topping the bread with before putting it in the oven)
1 loaf unsliced Italian bread
1/3 cup prepared pesto

* In a large skillet, saute the peppers onion and Italian seasoning in oil until tender.

*Remove from the heat; toss with cheese.

*Cut bread in half lengthwise; place on a baking sheet. Spread cut sides of bread with pesto.

*Top with pepper mixture and remaining cheese (if desired). Broil 4-6 in. from the heat for 5-8 minutes or until cheese is melted.

 This great as an appetizer, cut into 10 or so slices. Or if you are like my husband and I, we cut each side into halves and have at it:)


  1. That looks so delicious! It's only 9:30am here and I want to eat this for breakfast, lol!

  2. Looks SO good! Have you ever made your own pizza dough? It's something i've wanted to make for a long time but haven't! I usually use mini english muffins for my "homemade pizza" haha

  3. Bonnie - I say go for it! Cold pizza is a favorite breakfast of mine...this should be no exception:)

    Leah - I haven't made my own dough. I have never done anything that involved yeast. I should buck up and give it a try! I like doing english muffins for the kids pizzas:)

  4. Yummmy! I am going to have to try this


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