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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Pregnant at Christmas

Let me start by saying that I am naturally an emotional person. And all of the tradition and sentiment of Christmas has a way of making me extra emotional. This year I have added pregnancy to that! Today I have just felt overwhelmed, in a good way I must add, but overwhelmed nonetheless. Just realizing all that I have and how good this year has been for us. I have a husband who continues to amaze me and make me fall more in love with him the longer we are married. I have two handsome healthy boys who continue to reveal to me what life is really about. We have been blessed to be adding to our family in June of 2010 and have had a healthy pregnancy thus far. This year we joined an amazing church family and I have become friends with some amazing Christian mommies and wives who help me grow in my faith each and every day. I couldn't possibly ask for more. At times it scares me to feel so good about everything. How can this possibly last? The truth is, it may not. But luckily, I believe that there is a God who knew me before I was ever conceived and that he has a plan and a purpose for my life. Whatever may come my way, I can always hold onto that. So this holiday season I choose to reflect on all that I have, feel incredibly blessed and give all the praise and glory to God. I appreciate that He made me who I am and that I am blessed to be pregnant at this time of year, emotions and all:)

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Letter to a Mouse

Dear Mr. Mouse,

Now I realize that you are one of God’s creatures and in being so I probably shouldn’t loathe you as much as I do. And perhaps under different circumstances we could get along. But seeing as you are not only an uninvited house guest but that you also made yourself visually known to me today when you scurried from my bathroom across my bedroom floor and into my closet, I cannot find it in me to have any nice feelings towards you. I realize that you are feeling pretty good about yourself at this point. You have managed to avoid running into either of our cats (them I will deal with later) and you have worked your way around the multiple mouse traps my husband has strategically placed out for you. I too would be pretty confident right about now if I was you. But this will not go on forever. You will have to leave eventually. And I am sorry to say that you will most likely be leaving here in a mini body bag. This is not the way I would prefer it, trust me. But as I am completely unable to deal with you, I have left it up to my husband. And he has chosen to take care of you with deadly force. Like I said before, under different conditions I would love to see you live. Would smile at you if you were caged up in a pet store. Watch in amusement if you scampered through my yard. But you crossed the line the day you stepped foot in my house. Around here that is a punishable offense. Death penalty. Best wishes in the afterlife my furry little enemy.

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Saturday, December 5, 2009

It's beginning to look alot like....cold season!

I love this time of year for so many reasons. Holidays, decorations, family gatherings, Christmas music. But there is one thing that I absolutely despise about this time of year. Yes, this even beats out snow on my list. It's cold and flu season. This has become a dreaded topic for me. These feelings mostly revolve around my experience last year with our youngest. Jordan had a cold every 3 to 4 weeks until March when he was hospitalized with pneumonia and RSV. It was such a trying time. Watching my little one suffer and feeling helpless to do anything about it. It seemed that whatever precaution I took held no baring on whether or not he'd get sick. I must say since that hospitalization he has been relatively healthy. But as his first cold of the winter season hit, it is bringing back all of those bad feelings. Not only worry that it will turn into something bigger, but a reminder of what he is like when he is sick. His sleep is very disrupted, which in turn means my sleep is very disrupted. He stops eating as much. This combination of tired, hungry, and miserable creates the crankiest whiniest little person ever. A few days in and I stop feeling sorry for him and start wanting to ring his neck. That is so horrible to say, but true. At this point I am just trying to do my best to weather this current storm. And praying that we will have a long break before the next sickness makes its round in our household. Ah, the smell of Lysol is filling the air!

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