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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Letter to a Mouse

Dear Mr. Mouse,

Now I realize that you are one of God’s creatures and in being so I probably shouldn’t loathe you as much as I do. And perhaps under different circumstances we could get along. But seeing as you are not only an uninvited house guest but that you also made yourself visually known to me today when you scurried from my bathroom across my bedroom floor and into my closet, I cannot find it in me to have any nice feelings towards you. I realize that you are feeling pretty good about yourself at this point. You have managed to avoid running into either of our cats (them I will deal with later) and you have worked your way around the multiple mouse traps my husband has strategically placed out for you. I too would be pretty confident right about now if I was you. But this will not go on forever. You will have to leave eventually. And I am sorry to say that you will most likely be leaving here in a mini body bag. This is not the way I would prefer it, trust me. But as I am completely unable to deal with you, I have left it up to my husband. And he has chosen to take care of you with deadly force. Like I said before, under different conditions I would love to see you live. Would smile at you if you were caged up in a pet store. Watch in amusement if you scampered through my yard. But you crossed the line the day you stepped foot in my house. Around here that is a punishable offense. Death penalty. Best wishes in the afterlife my furry little enemy.

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