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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Things I love - Mom 4 Life

I have been known to use this blog from time to time simply for sharing what I love with those who choose to listen read. This is one of those times. Actually, I am not just sharing something I love but something I wish I would have been smart enough to come up with myself. I am talking about one of my favorite sites - Mom 4 Life - which has managed to take everything I want and wrap it all up in one place. Check out some of the things that make Mom 4 Life so great:
Mom Owned
Hand Picked Products
Mom Made Products
Free Shipping
10% of Proceeds Go to Moms in Need

Not convinced? Let me show you some of the adorable stuff you can find on their site. 
A product I have personally purchased for both of my nieces, BabyLegs. They work on kids of all ages and sizes and can be used as both leg and arm warmers. Not to mention they are both adorable and affordable (which you know are 2 of my favorite qualities!):
{Picture property of Mom 4 Life}
They also carry Hooter Hiders Nursing Covers, which if you haven't seen them before are both stylish and functional. These make a great gift for any new mom and easily tuck into a diaper bag for on the go feedings:
{Picture property of Mom 4 Life}
These are just a few examples of the many, many mom created products that you can find when you choose to shop through Mom 4 Life. I truly love the variety - everything from Maternity to Potty Training to Skin Care products can be found in one central location. And the free shipping makes it an affordable way to shop from the convenience of your home. I can personally attest to their top-notch customer service. The women who work at Mom 4 Life are mom's who love what they do and want to provide a great product for other women. Their generous spirit comes through in their willingness to donate 10% of the proceeds for each item they sell to help moms in need.

I hope you'll check them out and see for yourself what they have to offer. Oh, and if you love it, pass it on! Your friends will thank you:)

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