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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Choo Choo, Isaiah is 2!

2 years ago today our hearts expanded for a third time as we welcomed Isaiah into our family. What a joy it has been watching him grow into a the little person he is today. He is such a cool mix of his big brothers - funny, smart, full of surprises, strong-headed, and gentle spirited. His list of likes are already long and distinctly him - cars, animals, costumes, playing with big brothers, reading books, and trying to be a big helper with whatever mom and dad are trying to do. Oh, and trains. We happen to live right by train tracks (yes, very exciting) and every single time a train goes by he lights up and starts saying, "Goo-goo, Goo-goo!!" and pointing out the window. This made it pretty simple to pick a Two Two Train theme for his 2nd birthday party. Want to see how we pulled it all together?

Here is the outfit he got to wear (my hubby made the adorable shirt, isn't he talented?):

Big brothers and cousin Sophia also got conductor hats and bandanas to wear on the big day:

The color scheme was red, turquoise, and bright green which matched the Birthday Express plates and napkins I got at a great deal. I found cups in those colors at 4 for $1.00 at Walmart and big bowls to match at the Dollar Store. And I made a train banner with his name that will replace the one in his room from last year's party:

And last but not least, the cake. Every single year I decide it would be a great idea to hand make the kids' birthday cakes only to get into the project and wonder what the heck I was thinking. This year was no exception. Luckily my amazing husband pitched in and we got the job done (and had a lot of laughs at our lack of talent!). It isn't the prettiest train cake there ever was but the kids were mesmerized by the candy and looked past it's imperfections. Isaiah couldn't even wait until the candle was blown out to start grabbing M&M's!

And another Lewis family birthday party is successfully under our belt. It is so much fun planning these special days for my boys. Happy, Happy 2nd Birthday Isaiah! I can't believe how fast the time is going. Stop growing so fast, we want to enjoy you Love you so much little man!


  1. Very cute cake!! I did a tractor pulling a trailer one time with a similar design. So fun! Now my boys are asking for desserts for birthdays instead of cute cakes. Boo!

  2. Aw, no fun! Probably makes things a little easier though:) These times are fun and fleeting, that's for sure.


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