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Monday, December 15, 2014

Elfie 2014 - Still going strong!

Can you believe that this is the 4th year Elfie has visited our house? Me either! Now, not only are the bigger boys anticipating his daily antics, but the twins are getting quite a kick out of finding him each morning. I honestly didn't expect them to really notice him yet this year but most mornings they point him out and grunt and laugh, repeatedly going back to his spot to show us. That newness through their eyes is an added bonus to this December tradition we have grown to love. So what's he been up to? Let's take a look:

He kicked off the season with our 3rd annual North Pole Breakfast. Delicious as always!
He tested out the jet pack Jordan invented and got stuck...oops!
The kids got behind on their advent calendars so Elfie helped them out a bit.
Just taking a soak!
Elfie brought their new ornaments for the year on tree decorating day.
Hanging out on the fire truck (we were seeing Santa at the Fire Station that day, I think he wanted to feel included)
Must have wanted a late night snack - why not popcorn?
The next day him and the angel swapped spots.
He was too warm and missing home so decided to "chill" in the freezer!
Elfie saving Woody from the evil ogre who was trying to feed him to the shark (Jessie was helping, she was just outside the picture on the line)
Whew...he's been busy already! What has your elf been up to this year?

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