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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Kids Craft - Nativity Scene

My favorite season has once again arrived and as we pull out the decorations, welcome back Elfie, and let the fun of this time of year fill our schedule, I more than ever want to make a conscious effort to keep Jesus the center of our celebration. All of the other stuff is great and we enjoy it but none of it matters if we forget about Him. So as I was browsing for ideas to do with the kids I came up with this Nativity Scene collage idea and thought I would share it with you all.

The idea is to have the kids create their own nativity scene as they listen to the story of Jesus' Birth. I got out my Bible and read portions from both Matthew and Luke and the kids created their scenes as they listened.
This could be done a number of ways from using stickers to letting the kids draw their own pictures. For this particular activity, I printed off cute cartoon images of the different aspects of the nativity and let the kids cut, paste and arrange their scene however they wanted.

I got the images from Prepared NOT Scared (she actually created a Silent Night Bingo so you could print out the whole thing and have a fun game but I just used pages 16 and 17 from the PDF). I made copies for each of my older boys and let them chose if they wanted to cut out the squares or the actual images themselves. I wasn't surprised when they both chose to do it differently!

This was an easy activity that required little prep ahead of time and it was fun to listen to the kids interject when they were familiar with a part of the story. It was also great to see how differently they created their nativity scenes.

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  1. Another great idea!! I just love how your crafts are easy and centered around the family. Thank you for sharing. :D


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