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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Magid Lens Cleaning Towelettes Review

I recently received a box of Lens Cleaning Towelettes from Magid Glove and Safety. As soon as I opened the box my husband got all excited, "We use those things at work! They work great on my safety goggles." I had to shake my head and laugh because I get lots of cool things in the mail and THIS was what he got excited about. Go figure!

I have to say after trying them out myself I could see why he liked them so much. As messy and dangerous as my job at home with 3 little boys is, I don't wear safety goggles (although now that I think about it, it may not be a bad idea!). But I do sit at a laptop for more hours than I like to admit and rarely is it something I take the time to clean. After swiping down my screen, base and keys with one of these towelettes, I was surprised to realize just how dirty my laptop had been. I now felt like a had a brand new computer!

If you are interested in picking up some of these bad boys for yourself let me give you a little info that might come in handy:
  * They come in a dispenser that can be mounted on the wall or sit right on your desk.
  * Each dispenser comes with 100 5"x8" individually foil wrapped moistened towelettes.
  * These pre-moistened towelettes are permeated with an anti-fog, anti-formula perfect for cleaning glass, plastic or polycarbonate.
  * You can purchase the above mentioned box through Magid Glove and Safety at $7.88 individually or at a discount of $6.85/each if bought in quantities of 10 or more

--I was given a box of these towelettes in exchange for my review, however, all opinions are my own.--

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