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Monday, September 12, 2011

Lunch Ideas - Jello

I realize that there is absolutely nothing revolutionary about Jello. But the other day as I was browsing Easylunchboxes Facebook page (check it out - even if you don't own the lunch boxes you will love all the great ideas!) I saw an idea for making Jello right in the lunch container. How brilliant!

Now the recipe they shared was all homemade and organic. The one I did is all cheap out of a box. I am hoping to try it the other way sometime but for now I am using what I already have. Here's what I did:

Make up your Jello (following whatever recipe you have):
Add fruit to your container (this is optional). I sliced up some bananas:
Pour desired amount of Jello on top of the fruit:
Put the lid on and refrigerate. Easy as that!

I love the idea that it is all set in the container and ready to go. And I am confident my Kindergarten kid will love it too!


  1. So happy I inspired you Chrystal! Fun stuff and cool pics too! (I like the cheap out of the box kind too, lol, but of course, I aspire to make the organic healthy kind)

  2. Kelly, I have been totally inspired by you and those who post on your page! This is my first year as a mom of a school aged kid so I am new to this whole packing a lunch thing and appreciate all the great ideas I am finding. I am sure you will see your lunchboxes featured over and over here as I share what I find!

  3. Where did you get your lunch containers? I love the separate compartments. I've been using plastic baggies and a separate bowl for fruit. Very chaotic in the lunchbox! :)

  4. They containers are Easylunchboxes and I ordered mine of Amazon. I am totally in love with them, they work great and create no extra waste! Everything all neat and tidy in one place:)

  5. Okay, I am seeing those cool lunch containers everywhere in blogland! Where did you get them!?! I NEEEED THEM!


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