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Saturday, August 6, 2011

How Now Brown Cow...

In other words, Happy National Root Beer Float day!!

Okay, while not an official holiday I can completely get behind a day devoted to root beer floats. Here are some interesting facts about root beer floats (thanks to

-The root beer and ice cream concoction was originally dubbed The Brown Cow
-The Brown Cow was first put together at the Cripple Creek Brewing in Cripple Creek, Colorado back in 1893 by a man named Frank J. Wisner
-The inspiration for the root beer float was said to come from the snow caps on top of Cow Mountain
-Today floats have evolved to include every flavor of carbonated beverage along with various add-ins

Let me just say, the kids are so excited that we have an actual reason to make root beer floats at home! All day long they were talking about "Root beer Float Day!" Don't they look so excited?:

We chose to partake in this holiday with a traditional root beer and vanilla ice cream combination. How do you like your floats? If you are looking for some inspiration for a unique creation, Tillamook's Test Kitchen tried out a handful of recipes here:

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